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We are a manufacturing company with more than 25 years of experience
in the field of production of rubber profiles and seals
We are a manufacturing company with more than 25 years of experience in the production of rubber profiles and seals

Wide range

More than 1000 types of seals

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Favorable delivery conditions

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Custom production

Competitive price

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Extruded profile seals

Extrusion or in other words extrusion is a production process in which, with the aid of temperature and pressure, the material is processed by means of a die-tool into the desired shape in "infinite lengths".


Carved seals

These flat seals are manufactured using a digital plotter or water jet. The result is dimensionally accurate and multi-shaped seals without the need for tool production.

3D printing

In additive processes, an object is created by laying continuous layers of material until the entire project is completed.

Pressed products

The products are manufactured on classic presses, semi-automatic and injection molding machines with different closing forces and different dimensions of clamping plates.

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Types of profiles


In addition to the production of profiles, which are located in our database, we can also provide customized production. Do you need a special product or an atypical shape? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to create a tailor-made price offer for you.


Custom profiles production

A very common question/request from our customers has been to explore the possibility of producing custom gaskets.



After the production of profile seals made of rubber, plastic or silicone, it doesn't stop for us.


Flocking (FLOCK)

In the past, FLOCK technology was used mainly for its aesthetic and decorative properties. However, times and technology have changed and today it is equally used for its utilitarian properties.


Joining profiles into O-rings

Joining profiles into O-rings is an additional production process by which we can produce a seal in the shape of a circle without the need to produce molds.


Production on your own tool

Do you own a tool or can you make one? We will make tests and produce it for you on our machines.


Improving sliding bulkiness

Improving sliding properties, but their deterioration, we refer to 2 main additional services that can be used in connection with our products.


Applying the self-adhesive layer - Taping

Applying a self-adhesive layer in other words, gluing is a process of applying self-adhesive tape to rubber, plastic or silicone profiles, which we produce here.


Cutting materials on a digital plotter

These flat seals are manufactured using a digital plotter or water jet. The result is dimensionally accurate and multi-shaped seals without the need for tool production.


Applying paint to rubber products

The process itself takes place in a special paint booth and then passes into the hot-air channels where the paint is "burnt".

We offer not only sealing, but also a solution


Custom profiles production

At present, our production range consists of several thousand profiles. Dozens of shapes and variations of seals are added every year.

Frequently asked Questions

We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding production, transport, business and complaint conditions.


We produce rubber shaped products and profiles according to your drawings from molds and materials made especially for you.


In this section you will find explanations of individual brands, abbreviations and descriptions for individual products.

We produce by extrusion - pressing - carving - 3D printing


Our company, established in 1996, has several years of experience with
production of rubber and plastic seals. We are expert in the production of seals with the widest range of materials offered for extrusion. In our assortment you will find various dimensional, shape or self-adhesive variations of profiles – both basic geometric shapes and special shape seals. In combination with various types of materials, our product range is able to meet the wishes of almost every customer.

Our mission is not just to make you a seal, but to offer a solution.

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Contact us - we will solve the sealing for you!


Christmas holidays

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that our company will have a company-wide holiday in the period from 22.12.2020 to 07.01.2021. It will not be possible to ship any goods during this period.

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