Custom profiles production

One of the frequently asked questions/requests of our customers was to examine the possibility of manufacturing custom gaskets.

The answer to this question has always been clear – yes. Since the beginning of its operation, the MAJK company has been producing on the basis of the requirements of you, our clients.

At present, our production range consists of several thousand profiles. Dozens of shapes and variations of seals are added every year.

The whole process begins with gathering some basic profile information. In particular:

  • Material
  • Hardness
  • Density
  • UV resistance
  • Special resistance-exact standard
  • Color
  • Temperature-working environment
  • Surface treatment: talc, silicone, glycerin, or without treatment, possibly special
  • Contact with substances during the life of the seal
  • Expected / test quantity
  • Sticking
  • Lengths
  • Multistream
  • Tolerances:
  • shape, amount +/- 10%
  • Nozzle ownership
  • Price limits
  • Packing

It is ideal to provide as much information as possible to better determine the most suitable material or shape.

We also offer you the opportunity to use our inquiry form, which contains all the necessary information.

However, the basis is to define the shape. It is not necessary to send construction drawings, we can also draw the shape in our direction, which we will provide you free of charge with the price offer.

Subsequently, the process continues by sending our price proposal, which we hope you will accept and send the order.

In the case of a new shape, sampling and approval of the final shape follows. Along with the samples, you will also receive the agreed quantity for testing. In case of acceptance, serial production and years of satisfied and mutually beneficial cooperation follow.

Price offer