Quality policy and certificates

Our commitments

  • We raise the awareness of our employees in environmental protection, safety, health and quality and other issues through the provision of information, lectures and systematic training.
  • We ensure customer satisfaction by focusing on the quality of all activities performed, their analysis, evaluation and improvement.
  • We set realistic goals within the framework of sustainable development while respecting the protection of the environment, safety, health and quality.

Our resources

  • By constantly improving the technological processes of production and modernizing production equipment, we guarantee business partners the supply of products and services in accordance with recognized quality standards and in accordance with an effective quality management system.
  • We support and ensure the development of the educational level in the company, the needs of customers and their expectations, and we encourage employees in their efforts to show unique proposals for solving potential problems.
  • We create the company’s environment in accordance with the possibilities and needs of the company to ensure a satisfied and motivated employee
  • We systematically develop cooperation with our suppliers and cooperating partners in order to continuously improve relationships and the quality of services provided.

Our certificates

The company's management has taken full responsibility for understanding and applying the quality policy at all levels, the commitments in its implementation and maintenance.