If you decide, you can use several types of packaging that take into account the environment, safety and integrity during transport. It goes without saying that the goods will be delivered to you as soon as possible. We strive to use the best quality packaging used, commensurate with the price. With years of experience and the requirements of our customers, we have adapted the methods
packaging according to size, weight and volume. At the same time, I understand and respect that the goods do not always end at the place of their original shipment, but are intended for resale, so we do not use any visible markings. We strive to create strong and long-term partnerships.

Loose packaging / Loose pallet packaging

Free packaging on a pallet

Simple industrial packaging, most often used by customers for personal collection. The variant is free storage on a pallet, when sending by transport service / forwarding.

Loose packaging in foil

Loose packaging in foil

An optional part of the previous packaging may be the protection of the seal by packaging in a transparent foil. Subsequently, it is possible to use e.g. cardboard box.

Packaging on a paper spool / plastic roll

Packaging on a paper spool

Packaging suitable for certain types of products, to secure the goods during transport and better transport. This packaging can be combined with pallet packaging or carton packaging.

Paper box

Paper box

The most used packaging, which can be combined with previous variants – loose packaging, loose packaging in foil, paper reel. We currently use boxes in several sizes, depending on the type and size of seals.

We use this type of packaging for bulk deliveries. The individual boxes are stacked on pallets of size 1.2 mx 0.8 m or 1.2 mx 1.2 it is then transported to the customer either by our fleet or by external carriers.

If you have any request for further specifically designed packaging, delivery or collection by your transport service, we are ready to address this request without undue thought.