Flocking (FLOCK)

In the past, FLOCK technology was used mainly for its aesthetic and decorative properties. However, time and technology have changed and today it is also used for its performance properties.

The main reason is the practical features for which flock is a constantly evolving technology. The most important features include:

  • thermal insulation, protection against burns by heating metal parts
  • sound insulation, mechanical noise, prevents squeaking and vibration
  • moisture resistance, prevents the formation of condensed water
  • abrasion and scratch resistance
  • anti-slip and anti-slip properties
  • antistatic surface, resistance to dust and smoke

Of course, high color fastness, resistance to weathering, resistance to ignition and health safety.

How and with what is flock applied?

Flock is applied electrostatically when one pole forms a flocking device and the other pole is a flocked object, which is usually grounded. The flocked object must be covered with the adhesive into which the flock is anchored. After the glue has hardened, you will get a high-quality velvet surface.

Flock is applied by devices that can be divided into:

  • manually
  • semi-automatic
  • fully automatic

The choice depends mainly on the required production capacity.

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