Return conditions

Return conditions

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1. Introductory conditions

  • These warranty and complaint conditions regulate the relationship between the company MAJK sro (seller) and the buyer and supplement the Purchase Agreement and General Terms and Conditions
  • The relations between the seller and the buyer in case of complaints are governed by the Commercial Code according to §422 to 442. The time of the complaint is specified in §436 point 2 and §437 point 1-5.
  • The buyer accepts the validity of the warranty and complaint conditions by taking the goods from the seller.

Packages for complaint proceedings must be clearly marked “RMA” or “COMPLAINT PROCEDURE”. If the package is intended for a specific person, the name (trader, warehouse, RMA, accountant…) must also be provided.

2. Inspection of goods upon receipt

  • When picking up in person, report the incompleteness and damage to the goods immediately. Additional claims for the quantity or type of goods will be accepted with the condition.
  • In the case of sending the goods by the transport company, the buyer is obliged to inspect the goods upon receipt of the shipment. If the buyer finds mechanical damage or incompleteness of the goods, it is necessary to write a damage record with the present transport driver. Subsequently, it is necessary to contact the responsible employees of the transport company and MAJK Ltd, ie production and sales manager
  • Complaints about goods in undamaged packaging and complaints about obvious defects (scratches, cracks, breaks…) we accept within 48 hours of receipt of the goods. They will not be recognized after this period.

3. Shipping and acceptance of defective goods

  • The buyer is obliged to send the goods in such a package that there is no mechanical damage during transport. If damage occurs during transport to the RMA, defective goods will not be subject to warranty repair.
  • The buyer is obliged to enclose the relevant delivery note and the exact description of the defect.
  • The company MAJK sro does not accept goods sent by express.
  • RMA packages intended for the complaints department must be clearly marked “RMA” or “COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT”. If the package is intended for a specific person, the name (trader, warehouse, RMA, accountant…) must also be provided.

4. Goods not subject to warranty repair - replacement

The goods are not subject to warranty repair or replacement if they have been damaged as follows:

  • Mechanically (eg by forcible untying or opening), unprofessional intervention
  • A natural disaster
  • The device was not operated according to standard operating conditions
  • Damaged warranty sticker, seal removed
  • MAJK sro is not liable for damages caused by equipment failure
  • MAJK sro is not liable for incorrect operation of the device if its installation was not carried out properly and by an authorized person.

5. Troubleshooting

  • The seller reserves the right to replace the non-repairable product with an identical, new or product whose technical parameters will fully replace the non-repairable product.
  • In case of replacement, the warranty is not extended, but the original one continues. The warranty is extended only by the time during which the goods were in the complaint department.
  • In the event that the buyer requests a claim for a damaged product (Section 4), it is not a warranty claim, but a “conditional claim” and the time of equipment depends on the supplier. In the event that the manufacturer does not recognize the complaint as a justified warranty repair, all costs associated with handling the complaint will be invoiced to the buyer and the goods will be returned to the buyer only after payment of the aforementioned costs.
  • In the event that the buyer does not accept the complaint within 90 days from the date of its processing, he will be charged a storage fee. 50 SKK / day .

6. Out-of-warranty invoices

  • Payment of the invoice in cash – the goods will be issued to you immediately
  • Payment of the invoice by transfer – the goods will be issued to you only after the payment has been made to the account of MAJK sro

7. Important notice

We would like to inform you that due to the increasing number of unjustified complaints, with effect from October 1, 2005, we have introduced a handling fee for each unrecognized complaint in the amount of € 10 excluding VAT. An unjustified complaint is one in which it is found that the defect of the product arose in a manner excluded from warranty repairs or the defect in the product will not be manifested or confirmed by testing.

The seller reserves the right to change the complaint conditions without prior notice.