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1. General Terms and Conditions

  • The General Terms and Conditions describe normal business cooperation between the buyer
    and the seller
  • The General Terms and Conditions supplement the framework agreement concluded between the buyer and the seller.
  • The General Terms and Conditions are published on the distributor’s website ( and are also available at the distributor’s registered office.
  • Contact address and working hours of the seller:

Head office and warehouse: 976 68 Heľpa 1108
Working hours: Mon-Fri: 6.00 to 14.00

2. Framework contract

The framework purchase contract defines the basic conditions of cooperation between the buyer and the seller. This contract is supplemented by the current General Terms and Conditions, which the seller has the right to change without the consent of the buyer. Please send the completed contract to our address in two originals together with a copy of the extract from the Trade Register or the Trade License. Only the manager of the company can register and if he is not the manager, it is necessary to deliver a notarized power of attorney. After being signed by our statutory representative, we will send you one original contract back and register you in our system.

3. Financial conditions

3.1. Payment – the date of payment / payment of the invoice means the day when the amount is credited to the seller’s account.

3.2. Maturity – the maturity of issued invoices is 14 calendar days. In special cases, the maturity can be extended, depending on the current payment discipline of the customer, respectively. in agreement with the director of the company. However, it is not possible to condition it in any way.

3.3. Penalty – in case of late payment of the invoice (after the due date) by the buyer to the seller, the seller is entitled to penalize the buyer in accordance with the applicable Commercial Code.

4. Order

4.1. Electronic order – goods can be ordered through a special form on the seller’s website (

4.2. Standard order form

The order can be sent:

  • by e-mail at
  • by fax to + 421-48-6186278
  • by post to the address 976 68 Heľpa 1108

Orders submitted in this way must contain the following essentials:

The exact address of the customer, company initials, such as ID number, VAT number, financial institution, account number, method of payment, telephone connection, deadline, method of sending the goods (supplier’s car, own transport, delivery company) and registration in the Commercial, resp. Trade Register. Delivery time is 14 days. In the case of an overcapacity order, we will agree with the customer on an extended date, or partial deliveries. After receiving, registering and reviewing the capacity possibilities of our production, we will confirm the order by phone, fax and e-mail and state: the date of its delivery, quantity, payment terms and delivery conditions as well as other relevant data.

  • The goods can also be ordered by phone, but also in the case of a telephone order, it is necessary to clearly define all important information as in the written form of the order.

5. Documents

5.1. Delivery note – the seller will issue a delivery note for each delivery of goods, which will be sent together with the goods to the buyer. The quantity and type of goods are stated on the delivery note.

5.2. Invoice – tax document – an invoice is issued for goods ordered from the seller, which contains all the legal requirements according to the trade license of the buyer, references to the order, method of transport and primary contact.

By default, the invoice is sent to the buyer with the goods, upon personal collection of the goods, the buyer receives an invoice together with the delivery note. Based on the buyer’s request, the invoice or a copy of it can be sent by post to another address.

5.3. Credit

  • Goods credit – is issued to the buyer in the event that the goods were incorrectly ordered by the seller or incomplete or damaged goods were delivered.
  • Financial credit – is issued in case of additional discounts within marketing events announced by the seller and provided that the required criteria are met for a sufficient discount.

6. Payment system - payment for goods

6.1. Payment in advance – is made by bank transfer on the basis of an advance (proforma) invoice. An advance invoice is issued for the goods and the goods are reserved for the buyer. After crediting the relevant amount to the seller’s account, the goods are ready for delivery. If the goods are not paid within 7 working days from the issuance of the advance invoice, the order is canceled and the goods are freely available to other interested parties.

6.2. Payment in cash – the buyer can pay for the goods in cash at the company’s headquarters, while receiving, in addition to the delivery note, the relevant cash receipt.

6.3. Payment after delivery of the goods – in the event that the seller and the buyer agree on this method of payment, an invoice with the appropriate due date is issued to him upon dispatch of the goods.

6.4. Payment of credit note – if the dealer has a credit note issued by the seller, it will be included with unpaid invoices. If the buyer does not have unpaid invoices at the time of issuing the credit note, the credit memo is expected to be counted until the next invoice is issued.

7. Packaging, transport, storage

7.1. Packaging – after the prescribed stabilization, when the profile stops dimensionally stabilizing, it is packed on a semi-automatic winding machine. The length of the disc (coil) is from 25 m to 100 m, depending on the size of the profile and customer requirements. The rolls are linked 3 times and provided with production labels that contain all the necessary information. Thin profiles can be packed on wooden door reels in agreement with the customer. Currently, there are several ways of packaging in which goods can be received. We consider packaging in polyethylene bags to be the standard packaging. Furthermore, it is possible to transfer the packaging to paper boxes or bulk packages on a euro pallet. Other than the standard type of packaging, it is necessary to consult with the production and sales department. A handling fee of SKK 20 is charged for standard packaging (the amount represents handling for 1 package with a maximum weight of 50 kg). Packaging prices for other types of packaging are subject to mutual agreement.

7.3. Transport – is carried out according to the agreement. A larger volume of profiles can be transported by the supplier’s car. We send smaller quantities by courier car service – DPD, personal collection or the supplier’s car. The price list of transport and cash on delivery service of the DPD delivery company is as follows:

Cash on delivery to

Price without VAT

€ 165,969 (5,000 SKK)

€ 1,494 (45, – SK)

€ 331,939 (10,000 SKK)

€ 2,656 (80, – SK)

€ 663,878 (20,000 SKK)

€ 4,979 (150, – SK)

€ 1659,696 (50,000 SKK)

€ 9,958 (300.- SK)

€ 3319,392 (100,000 SKK)

€ 18,257 (550 SK)

€ 6638,784 (200,000 SKK)

€ 33,194 (100, – SK)

Package weight in kg

Price without VAT

0 – 5

€ 3,651 (110, – SK)

6 – 15

€ 4,548 (137, – SK)

16 – 31

€ 5,577 (168, – SK)

32 – 50

€ 10.290 (310, – SK)

  • Storage – seals must be stored according to standard STN 63 0001 – Storage of rubber products. Bonded discs (coils) must be released after storage. We are not liable for improperly stored seals, for defects and damage caused by improper handling and improper use of the seal.