Improving sliding properties

Improving sliding properties, but their deterioration, we refer to 2 main additional services that can be used in connection with our products.

Above all, we divide this process into 2 main categories:

  • slipperiness improvement
  • surface roughening

1. The process of improving the lubricity consists in the application of substances which are intended to improve the application of the seal to the various grooves, the fixings or to assist in the insertion of the profiles into the assemblies. The applications we use mainly use talc, silicone, glycerin or a mixture of detergents and water.

2. The roughening of the surface has the exact opposite of improving the lubricity. This process consists in mechanical removal – grinding of a part of the surface of the profile to ensure better adhesion, aesthetic treatment, or preparation for the next production process, e.g. gluing, flocking, etc.

Some of these services are processed automatically. In most cases, however, it is necessary to request and specify the request during the inquiry-bid procedure.

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