Applying a self-adhesive layer

Applying a self-adhesive layer in other words, gluing is a process of applying self-adhesive tape to rubber, plastic or silicone profiles, which we produce here.

Joining profiles into O-rings

Joining profiles into O-rings is an additional production process by which we can produce a seal in the shape of a circle without the need to produce molds. Of course, this process is only suitable for static-fill seals, it is not suitable for seals that are dynamically stressed. On the other hand, in some applications it is not necessary to use molded products and thus save on the production mold. Due to our commitment to the complex supply of seals, we can cover both seal needs – both static and dynamic – with our production capabilities.

Flocking (FLOCK)

In the past, FLOCK technology was used mainly for its aesthetic and decorative properties. However, time and technology have changed
and today it is also used for its performance properties.

Improving sliding properties

Improving sliding properties, but their deterioration, we refer to 2 main additional services that can be used in connection with our products.


The production of profile gaskets made of rubber, plastic, or silicone is not the last step for us.