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Company name MAJK s.r.o. IČO: 36011801 , with registered office at Heľpa 1108, 976 68 Heľpa, registered in the register of the District Court of Banská Bystrica, section Sro, insert no. 3887/S. as the controller, in accordance with § 109 (8) Act No. 452/2021 Z.z. on electronic communications and art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data and on amending and supplementing certain acts on the free movement of such data informs about the use of cookies on our website

At the same time, we also provide you with all the information regarding the use of cookies below in order to inform you as a data subject about what information we collect from you during your visit to our website using cookies and other tracking technologies. Cookies will only be used on the website with your consent. The exception are cookies essential for the operation of the website, by continuing to browse you agree to their use

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file made up of letters and numbers that a computer running a website sends to your computer or mobile phone (hereinafter referred to as a “device”) via your browser and stores on your device’s hard drive. Cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users of our website. They enable us to offer you a better experience when browsing our website and to continuously improve our services.

Each website may send its own cookies to your browser if your browser settings allow it. However, your browser (to protect your privacy) only allows websites to access cookies that those websites themselves have sent to your device, not cookies sent by other websites. Many websites do this every time a user visits them. They can thus better monitor online traffic.

What cookies we use

Necessary cookies are strictly necessary for the basic functioning of our website, cannot be disabled, and which enable navigation on the site and the use of required functions, e.g. access to secure areas of the site. If they are disabled, we cannot ensure that the website is displayed correctly

Cookie namePurpose of useRetention period
Necessary cookiesIt maintains the state of consent to the necessary cookies.1 year
Analytical cookies It maintains the consent status for analytics cookies.1 year
Preference cookiesIt maintains the consent state of the cookie preferences.1 year
Marketing cookiesIt maintains the consent status for marketing cookies.1 year
Uncategorized cookiesIt maintains the consent status for unlisted cookies.1 year
PHPSESSIDPreserves the user’s session state within page requests.1 week

Analytical cookies We use to find out how visitors use the website. These cookies cannot be used to directly identify a specific visitor. They are used to track statistics and website traffic aimed at performance evaluation. They allow us to recognise and count the number of visitors to our website and to obtain information about how the website is used, to determine the number of visits to the traffic source, in order to measure and improve the performance of our website.

If you give us your consent, we will also use analytics cookies to collect statistical data about your browsing or to store your preferences.

Cookie namePurpose of useRetention period
Registers a unique identifier that is used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the site.1 year
Registers a unique identifier that is used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the site.1 year

Preference cookies allow a website to remember information that changes the way a website behaves or looks, such as your preferred language or the region you are in.

Cookie namePurpose of useRetention period
Registers a unique identifier that is used to generate the preferred language or region. 1 year

Marketing cookies we use for the purposes of personalising advertising, direct marketing and personalising the content you see. The personalisation of display advertising and content can be done in varying degrees and detail. These cookies record a visitor’s visit to our website, and other websites visited and links clicked on before or afterwards. This information is used to display content and advertisements that are more relevant to website visitors and their interests, in varying detail. The main function of these cookies is e.g. selecting ads and content targeted to a group of customers, selecting personalised ads and content, profiling personalised ads and creating personalised content, evaluating ad and/or content performance, using market research to generate target audience data for direct marketing and ad personalisation, product development, and more.

With your consent, we will also use marketing cookies to target advertising.

Cookie namePurpose of useRetention period
Used to deliver a series of advertising products, such as real-time bidding from third-party advertisers.1 year

Geolocation files co okies are used to find out precise data about the geographical location of a visitor to our website, which can be used to support one or more purposes. The location of a website visitor can be accurate to within a few metres. These are a special group of functional cookies, as they allow the visitor to be offered enhanced and more personalised functions of the website itself, such as. remembering their preferences, thus increasing the functionality of the website itself.

With your consent, we will also use geolocation cookies to find out your precise geographic location.

Cookie namePurpose of useRetention period
Used to find out the exact geographical location of a visitor.

Uncategorized cookies are cookies that we currently include, together with the providers of the individual cookies. Uncategorized cookies are cookies that do not belong to any other category or are in the process of being categorised.

Cookie namePurpose of useRetention period
1 year
1 year