SBR – Styrene-butadiene rubber

Styrene-butadiene rubber good mechanical properties, high resistance to the formation of bending cracks and aging in air, resistant to alcohol, acetol, glycol and alkalis not resistant to petrol, benzene, mineral oils and fats.

Shore A hardness range30 to 90
Tensile strenght N / mm225
ductility %450
flexibilityvery good
Pressure deformation differencevery good
Abrasion resistancevery good
temperature range-40
usability °C90
On a short-term basis °C100
Aging resistancemedium
Aging resistancegood
Water resistance up to + 80 °Cvery good
Alkalis resistance up to + 80 °Cgood
gas permeabilitygood
Petrol resistancevery bad
Benzole resistancevery bad
Resistance to mineral oils and fatsvery bad
Acid resistancegood
Suitability for connection with metalsvery good
Suitability for foodYes