E-ACM / E-AM: Ethylene Acrylate Rubber

Ethylene Acrylate Rubber excellent resistance to hot oils, dry heat, better behavior at lower temperatures than ACM, good resistance to ozone and weather conditions .

Shore A hardness range40 to 90
Tensile strenght N / mm215
ductility %400
Pressure deformation differencegood
Abrasion resistancegood
temperature range-40
usability °C150
On a short-term basis °C180
Aging resistanceexcellent
Aging resistanceexcellent
Water resistance up to + 80 °Cgood
Alkalis resistance up to + 80 °Cgood
gas permeabilitygood
Petrol resistancegood
Benzole resistancemedium
Resistance to mineral oils and fatsvery good
Acid resistancegood
Suitability for connection with metalsgood
Suitability for foodno