ACM – Polyacrylate rubber

Polyacrylate rubber excellent resistance to hot oils, dry heat, good resistance to aging, ozone and weather conditions, suitable for parts with special requirements for oil and high temperature resistance e.g. in automobiles, engines and in the manufacture of devices.

Shore A hardness range40 to 90
Tensile strenght N / mm215
ductility %300
Pressure deformation differencegood
Abrasion resistancegood
temperature range-30
usability °C140
On a short-term basis °C180
Aging resistanceexcellent
Aging resistanceexcellent
Water resistance up to + 80 °Cmedium
Alkalis resistance up to + 80 °Cmedium
gas permeabilitygood
Petrol resistancegood
Benzole resistancemedium
Resistance to mineral oils and fatsvery good
Acid resistancemedium
Suitability for connection with metalsmedium
Suitability for foodno