FKM-FDM: Fluoro rubber

Fluoro rubber usable temperature range from -20 °C to + 310 °C, very ggod mechanical properties even at higher temperatures, excellent resistance to ozone, oxygen, heat, oils, many solvents, fuels, chemicals not resistant to alkalis, low absorption rate and very good electrical insulation values

Shore A hardness range60 to 90
Tensile strenght N / mm215
ductility %300
flexibilityvery bad
Pressure deformation differencevery good
Abrasion resistancegood
temperature range-20
usability °C200
On a short-term basis °C310
Aging resistanceexcellent
Aging resistanceexcellent
Water resistance up to + 80 °Cvery good
Alkalis resistance up to + 80 °Cvery good
gas permeabilityexcellent
Petrol resistanceexcellent
Benzole resistancegood
Resistance to mineral oils and fatsexcellent
Acid resistancevery good
Suitability for connection with metalsgood
Suitability for foodYes