VMQ – MVQ: Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber usable temperature range from -60 °C to + 240 °C, not suitable for steam, very good resistance to aging, ozone, water and mineral oils, good electrical properties, physiologically harmless, tasteless and odorless

Shore A hardness range30 to 80
Tensile strenght N / mm210
ductility %250
flexibilityvery good
Pressure deformation differencevery good
Abrasion resistancemedium
temperature range-60
usability °C180
On a short-term basis °C240
Aging resistanceexcellent
Aging resistancevery good
Water resistance up to + 80 °Cgood
Alkalis resistance up to + 80 °Cmedium
gas permeabilitymedium
Petrol resistancevery bad
Benzole resistancevery bad
Resistance to mineral oils and fatsgood
Acid resistancevery bad
Suitability for connection with metalsmedium
Suitability for foodYes